1 year ago

Large events are becoming more and more popular and enjoy an increasing number of visitors. As a result, the subject of safety and fire protection is becoming increasingly relevant. Ensuring safety and visitor comfort at major events, such as the Swiss Indoors, is a central task. An important aspect of the security concept of the operators of the St. Jakobshalle is the close monitoring of all visitors present in the various halls and rooms. For this, the operators rely on the crowd monitor from ASE. This automatically monitors the occupancy of persons in real time. In the event of high occupancy rates, the security officers are immediately alerted by means of an automated message. This allows mitigation measures to be initiated at an early stage.
The use of the Crowd Monitor is an efficient solution that allows the operator to monitor the situation in the premises at any time. In addition, it raises personal security and contributes significantly to a positive event experience for all visitors.