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Pedestrian flow data can be a treasure trove of useful information, but is often hard to interpret. Our Diamond Reports help you make sense of the numbers, unlocking your data’s many facets.

Data’s many facets

You can learn a lot by counting people. That’s why many retailers today use pedestrian counting and analysis systems to record how many customers enter and leave their stores, and what they do while there.


While modern systems can deliver reams of data, they often fall short when it comes to presenting it. Users regularly struggle with incomprehensible, unclear or hard to interpret numbers, confusing graphics, and unwieldy reports. This makes it difficult to see where the gems of information lie.


Through intelligent reports, you can find the gems of information among your reams of data.

To help, we developed our Diamond Reports. Specifically designed for pedestrian flow data, they take information from any counting system and turn it into powerful insights. Features include meaningful graphics, robust sorting options, fully customized reporting, user-friendly single page layouts and automatic report generation – all in one simple, easy-to-access web application.


Our Diamond Reports are also flexible, meaning you can easily add other relevant data to the mix. From staffing and turnover to time of day to weather patterns, holidays or prevailing economic conditions, you will be able to see just what external factors are influencing your results. Instead of a fog of numbers, your counting data will be crystal clear.