Modern infrastructure requires modern solutions. ASE’s SMARTEQ is the application that provides a clear overview of all plant inventory. With data summarised according to location or plant, it provides the means for the creation of effective maintenance plans and strategies.

At ASE, we are able to support you in the transition to SMARTEQ. We can come to you to record the data, or even work with data you provide. The resulting structured inventory data base includes mapped asset dependencies, risk-based maintenance, and replacement strategies. The maintenance plans you then deploy will ensure you efficiently use resources in the right place at the right time.

Asset Portfolio Management

Risk-based Maintenance

Developing a maintenance strategy for a large technical installation involves tradeoffs. If your plan is too robust, you run the risk of overspending. If it is not robust enough, you run the risk of costly malfunctions. While maintenance planners routinely weigh such considerations, very few employ a disciplined risk-based approach. At ASE, we are changing that.

How to find the right balance between sensible prevention and overspending? Using our analysis and modelling expertise, we have developed powerful methods to evaluate maintenance-related risks for complex installations. Looking at your setup as a whole, we can calculate the risk of malfunction for each of the individual parts, the ramifications for the overall system, and the potential cost involved in the case of failure. Through quantifying cost and risk, you gain insight into how best to use your maintenance budget, and where to best allocate resources. The result is a highly effective maintenance regime, one which allows you to control costs while minimizing potential disruptions.

Data & Processmanagement

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining a large technical installation is keeping track of all the moving parts. We can help. Any large installation or structure, whether a highway, factory or building, has lots of interconnected parts. To develop a robust maintenance strategy, you need an accurate, and always up-to-date, inventory of equipment and dependencies. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done.

As experts in asset management for technical installations, we support clients in developing equipment inventories and maintaining them over time. Our services cover the whole lifecycle: We help you identify all relevant data sources (including those you may not currently be aware of), develop efficient data-gathering processes which take into account your available resources and interfaces, and train your staff. If desired, we can collect the data for you. We also define processes to ensure your data stays up-to-date, an important consideration in today’s dynamic environments. Asset management for technical installations is a continuous process. With ASE’s support, it need not be an arduous one.


Our proprietary software SMARTEQ is the perfect tool to support your maintenance planning and implementation needs. As experts in maintenance procedures, we know how complex planning and executing maintenance strategies for technical equipment can be. We developed SMARTEQ – the System for Maintenance and Renewal of Technical Equipment – to help make it easier.

With SMARTEQ you can clearly structure your entire inventory. With SMARTEQ you can clearly structure your entire inventory and display it on a map. You can also define the content and cycle of the maintenance regime and have SMARTEQ automatically calculate maintenance and support tasks in a way that most efficiently uses your resources.

The system allows you to easily add supplemental information and documentation to your inventory as well as keep maintenance histories for all your equipment. Major changes to the inventory can be implemented in the form of projects, providing you an overview at all times.

SMARTEQ makes it easy to assign maintenance and support tasks to third parties or in-house resources. When it comes to implementing your plan, SMARTEQ makes it easy to assign maintenance and support tasks to third parties or in-house resources. The detailed reporting clearly tracks expenditures and the completion of tasks. In addition to scheduled maintenance the system also supports the generation of emergency or ad-hoc maintenance work.

With SMARTEQ’s wide range of reports, you will always be aware of the state of your inventory so you can make informed decisions about where to allocate resources. Completely web-based and easy to use, it is in our opinion the most powerful and appropriate tool available on the market to support a truly effective maintenance regime.