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Crowd management of ASE at "Züri-Fäscht" 2016 - the city festival in Zurich

“Züri-Fäscht”, the largest Swiss street festival which takes place every 3 years and attracts millions of visitors shows successful how crowd management contributes to quality and safety.


Officials inform that in this year’s edition over 2 million people have visited the city festival. The preventive crowd management analysis of ASE allowed a maximum security and well-being of the visitors. Thanks to the good planning based on crowd management analysis bottlenecks have been resolved, stands positioned so that they do not disturb the pedestrian flow and important escape routes were kept free of obstacles. A very successful concept of ASE was the performance of the two short fireworks on Saturday. Unlike the edition in 2013 with only one firework there was enough space for everyone this time. Families, youngsters and elderly people enjoyed the fireworks without worries and hustle.


Intelligent crowd management makes mega events not only safer but also better!

A very successful concept of ASE: the two short fireworks on saturday improved the visitor experience (image: Keystone/Walter Bieri)