Retail Crowd Monitor Retail Crowd Monitor

The maximum number of customers in the shops will be limited by authorities in the coming weeks and months. With its fully automated fill-level monitoring system, ASE Retail Crowd Monitor allows you to ensure a safe shopping environment for all your customers, without overloading your existing employees or hiring extra ones.


With a display system, customers are informed at the shop entrance whether they -a) can enter safely or -b) should wait a little longer. This console completely replaces the staff deployment for customer guidance at the entrance. If customers disregard the instructions, the staff is alerted by SMS.

The System

  • Accurate and reliable Counting System
  • Data management and Retail Crowd Monitor fill-level application
  • Display system at each entrance of each shop with instructions for the customer
  • SMS alerts when customers disregard the system instructions
  • Historical data records

If your premise is already equipped with parts of our system, we will deliver the missing components and adapt to your specificities.

All hardware and software has been developed for applications in the safety-relevant area and has been successfully used there for 5-10 years.

Delivery and Services

The system can be installed by in-house technicians or by external electricians. The supply chain for components is already established. Therefore a rollout of substantial volumes can be done within 3 days after ordering.

With years of experience, we have developed specific tools to set-up and maintain the system. We are able to manage hundreds of locations at the same time for each of our clients and react in record-time to prevent and solve system malfunctions.


After contacting us, ASE AG can provide a concrete price quotation within 2 hours. This is, of course, dependent on the exact customer request. In principle, the payback period is between 4 to 8 days of operation.

At a Glance: System Capabilities

Continuous fill-level measurement

You can continuously monitor fill-levels to see how many customers are in a shop

Multiple Entries

The fill-level is evaluated by balancing the in and out counting of each entrance.

Automation of entrance regulation

A screen at the entrance tells customers whether they can enter the store immediately or, if not, then how long they have to wait.

Historical data records

You can keep a record of fill-levels to prove afterwards to the relevant authorities that levels were not exceeded.

Staff alert

If customers disregard the instructions and enter the store, then staff can be notified automatically either by SMS or special warnings on their devices.

Visitor forecast

Based on the historical data records, the future expected customer visit can be estimated.