Success Story with

Amsterdam Centraal Station

Identifying strategic success potentials

Customer: Netherlands Railways (NS)
Sector/Industry: Rail traffic
Methods & Technologies: People counting systems
Passenger flows

Central train stations are growing increasingly more important and face numerous challenges arising from volume of passenger traffic. There is potential for development not only in safety and comfort for train travel, but also for the layout, the visitor experience and utilization of the shopping and restaurant area. The visitor experience is a central feature for Amsterdam Centraal Station, as it serves as a major gateway to the city.


ASE analysed large volumes of sales and ticketing data for the operator, Netherlands Railways (NS) and came to some important conclusions. These key figures helped ASE to recreate the passenger flows as a basis for strategic planning.


Thanks to the precise simulation, both safety as well as issues in the area of retail intelligence (customer loyalty, attractiveness of locations, etc.) could be investigated. The Netherlands Railways (NS) used this method to identify key success potentials and adopt the necessary measures.