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FIFA World Football Museum

Optimum planning of the cinema by simulation 

customer: FIFA World Football Museum

Museum planning and realisation: TRIAD Berlin
Sector/Industry: Museum
Real estate
Methods & technologies: People flows
People flows simulation

The FIFA World Football Museum allows football enthusiasts from around the globe to immerse themselves in the exciting world of football on three levels covering around 3,000 square metres. The interactive and multi-media approach makes the exhibit into an experience for fans, both large and small. This places an emphasis on the emotions generated on the playing field, and puts the focus on the visitor experience.


Since the FIFA World Football Museum expected large numbers of visitors, they decided while still in the planning phase to simulate and analyse the expected visitor flows with help of ASE. Object of the study was the cinema, the space itself, as well as the maximum possible duration of a given movie. The requisite lengths of time, for filling and emptying the cinema were evaluated by means of pedestrian flow simulation. Allowing for the duration of the film, the potential flow of visitors was then determined with the help of the queuing theory.


During the planning phase, the study served as a key basis for decision making on matters of visitor flow. This helped the museum to design an optimal visitor experience.