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Conception and development of a software based, object-oriented data point generation

Simple definition of data points

 Generation of data points without detailed knowledge of the installation system coding. Standardized data points with low potential for error.  

Operating and security equipment BSA (BSA)
MANDATE/GOAL: Development of a software in defining and generating of standardized, object-oriented data points
ADDED VALUE: Web application
Type-based maintenance planning and reporting
Long-term data retention and data evaluation
METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Operating System: Windows Server 2008
Data base: Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Software: IIS 7.5
Technology: ASP.NET

Starting position

The client has compiled a coding system for the coding of locations and BSA. On this basis, object-oriented and standardized data point definitions were established. For every BSA type, one or more data points according to the system coding and required for the control technology were defined. The new coding and data point guidelines will be realized and applied for the first time within the framework of a pilot project


ASE was commissioned with the development of an application and data base, whereby the data points required for controlling can be uniformly and object-oriented generated by suppliers of the installation. For this it was essential to take into consideration the system coding and the data point definitions as well as keeping the potential for error during coding and data point generation as low as possible.


In cooperation with the client, the requirements for the software, the fundamentals and working processes for a standardized and object-oriented data point generation were compiled. On this basis, ASE has drafted an implementation concept and programmed a web application. With this application, suppliers of installations can register the operation and security equipment object-oriented, thereby generating more than half of the data point and installation coding directly from the tool. Excel lists can be exported and reimported for additional processing.

Web application for the definition and generation of standardized data points


With this application, the clients project leader can define, manage and maintain the standardized location and BSA types (including structural pattern standards) and data points as master files. This master data serves the installation suppliers as templates for the installation coding and data point generation. With the help of the application and the therein managed master data, it is ensured that the installation suppliers are provided with the quality demanded by customers for the creation of coding and data points.

The result

Our client can provide the installation suppliers with a tool for the generation of installation labelling and data coding. The quality standards are met and the error potential for inadmissible data points minimized. Adjustments of the data point definitions are made in the tool, and are immediately useable for all installation suppliers. The application does prevent most errors due to systematic checks. Different users can gain access to accurate and current data from/at each work station, and this added feature, combined with the easy user administration has great merit.