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Customer Frequency Tracking System of SBB

Since 2011, SBB Real Estate has been measuring all people movements at Swiss railway stations using the counting frequency tracking system delivered by ASE

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Tracking people movement in eight RailCity train stations

With the help of the counting frequency tracking system delivered by ASE, SBB Real Estate has been tracking all people movements at over 20 railway stations in Switzerland since 2011.

Over 500 sensors in use

The tracking’s are conducted by means of advanced sensors, which for the first time allow the recording of the actual movements of each and every person and their journey during a whole year.

Pedestrian flow in a railway station (Example: paths and data are modified)

Simulations facilitate planning

Exact frequency data are a central source of dimensioning studies, a prerequisite for any needs-based assessment to take further action as well as for the prioritization of measures.  This for example with regard to construction or conversion of building sections, underpasses and overpasses, as well as for the placement of furniture and installations such as ticket vending machines or newspaper boxes. An important task is the evaluation and positioning of commercial spaces.

Real-time forecasting for the steering of pedestrian flows

By means of historical load curves and the current commuter volumes, control measures for an efficiency increase can be introduced.  This way, the optimal staffing of the counters can be determined and the escalator speed as well as its direction may be influenced.

State-of-the-art multifunctional 3D sensors

The newest generation of 3D sensors employed allows for varied acquisition options in real-time:


  • Counting divided in several walking directions (right-turns etc.)
  • Measuring of people density
  • Waiting time measurements 
  • Queue length
  • Operating time at service locations
  • Operating procedures
  • Detection of free / occupied service locations             

An additional 13 railway stations are currently being equipped with state-of-the-art 3D stereo sensors.

Specialized on pedestrian flow and crowd management

“Pure data collection – i.e. simple people counting – forms the basis for our further work. The actual value of the data presents itself during the application of simulation studies or statistical evaluations.”

Uri Schtalheim, Management (CEO), ASE GmbH

Voice of the customer

„The data and their representation derived from the customer frequency tracking system give us an accurate perspective on the visitor flows, enabling us to deal with locally occurring situations accurately and adequately thus, allowing us to optimize our commercial as well as our safety targets.”


Silvano Carecci, project manager SBB