Success Story with

Neumarkt Shopping Center in Oerlikon

Successful revitalisation thanks to methodical analysis

Customer: Privera AG
Sector/Industry: Retail, construction and real estate
Methods & Technologies: People counting systems
Pedestrian flows

Zurich’s Oerlikon precinct has experienced a significant change over recent decades from an industrial district to an upscale region with modern residential and living areas as well as office space for renowned global companies. The transition is still in full swing and the downtown area is also highly affected. The downtown train station is currently undergoing major renovation, which will impact the surrounding infrastructure, like the historic Oerlikon Neumarkt Shopping Center located directly in its center.

The Oerlikon Neumarkt has an attractive location and the planned subterranean connection to the train station offers enormous potential. The real estate managers of the Oerlikon Neumarkt looked into a repositioning and revitalisation in light of the developments in the surrounding area. Together with an architect, they developed a number of renovation concepts and decided to methodically and systematically investigate the various possibilities in cooperation with ASE. The analysis provided by ASE offered a success-critical basis for decision making. The following criteria were considered under the aspects of shopping experience, safety and comfort:

  • Crowding or bottlenecks
  • Sharp changes of direction
  • Choice of routes and destinations
  • Clarity of overview
  • Safety
  • Location of the food court

In addition, ASE identified potential bottlenecks arising from an increased visitor volume. A counting system was also taken into service to measure the visitor frequencies during the reconstruction phase in and around the building. This also served as proof of safety for the authorities (fire protection).