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Simulation of the Pedestrian Flows of a Future SBB Station Stop

A solid basis for the planning requirements of the future railway station with regard to pedestrian flow

SECTOR/INDUSTRY: Public transport / Public buildings
METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Evaluation of passenger safety through a simulation

Short description

The SBB has planned a new station in an area, that has become a popular destination due to the sports facilities close by. Because of the sports centre, the train stop must be designed to handle large crowds.


ASE carried out a passenger safety assessment through a simulation of the anticipated pedestrian flows. The analysis revealed several weaknesses in the construction with a negative effect on the pedestrian flow. SBB redressed these critical points and ASE repeated the flow simulation according to the new plans.


Based on this dialogue between the architects of SBB and the simulation experts at ASE, a well-functioning structure was planned which in the event of high transit, provides for a continuous flow of people, and allows for an efficient evacuation of the platforms in emergency situations.