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Multifunctional Counting System at Migros

Migros, Switzerlands largest retailer, relies on ASEs customer counting system as well as their analytics services and is carrying out national optimization projects

Added Value Boost in sales performance /
Increase of the level of service
METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: 3D people counting system with ASESs own analysis system

ASE’s measurement system in Migros branches and specialist stores

Migros, Switzerlands largest retailer, relies on ASE’s customer counting system as well as their services in analysis and is carrying out national optimization projects.

Modularity ensures long-term value

New counting sensors with more performance characteristics are continuously introduced into the market. The system delivered by ASE has a modular and flexible structure and simplifies the integration of new sensors. This way, the Migros system remains up-to-date.

Currently Brickstreams market-leading 3D stereo sensor is employed. Absolute precision and multifunctional application possibilities are the hallmark of this tool.


Brickstreams 3D sensor

Counting, operating time and waiting time/queue length

Zählung, Bedienzeit und Wartezeit/Warteschlangenlänge

Complete system integration

Complete integration into the Mirgros IT environment is paramount.  This important requirement ensures that Migros stays true to its philosophy: internal data are to remain internal. The modern architecture allowed for a full integration and is therefore compatible with Migros security regulations.

Added value through linking of data

An interface for the management information system (MIS) was realized for Migros. This way customer flows are automatically compared with the point-of-sale-data. This enables the shop manager to react promptly and take appropriate action.

System architecture   


Analytical concepts

The analyses put before for the client combine counting data with internal business figures. In addition, statistical models are applied to improve the understanding of customer behaviours.


  • Analyses of conversion rates (EUR per visitor) for the evaluation of the sales performance of staff
  • Customer length of stay analysis to enhance the level of service in the retail stores
  • Forecasting of visitor flows for the implementation of a needs-based resource plan
  • Timely activating of triggers to heighten staff-client awareness.
  • Reporting of visitor flows per time of day, weekday or month

Additional benefits in risk management

Official fire safety regulations play an important role for the authorization of an infrastructure project. Counting systems and evacuation simulations can play a major part in identifying and eliminating critical spots before planning commences. This approach enables quantitative evidence of compliance with the pertinent regulations, and minimizes the risk of wrong investments and subsequent costly adjustments. Proceeding in this way, we have succeeded to reduce the conditional restrictions and therefore maximize available service space, thus realising a sustainable gain, which by far surpasses the investment costs.