1 year ago

ASE, working together with the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), has developed a web application that manages over 140,000 installations for operating and safety equipment on Swiss roads. Unified labeling of equipment is a key and complex challenge in ensuring numerous tasks in the life cycle of the facilities. The equipment must be described correctly according to FEDRO regulations when it is replaced or installed. This process is complex and involves a great deal of effort on the part of engineers and planning offices. FEDRO recognized the potential for improvement and implemented concrete measures. ASE solved this task with a generator for equipment labeling that is both simple and universally accessible via the web (AKS-CH generator). This allows the correct codes to be created quickly and effortlessly. Thanks to the AKS generator, the workload for planners as well as the error rate are significantly reduced. In addition, the tool can be used to introduce new regulations throughout Switzerland with a minimum of effort. A great example of how intelligent applications help lead to enormous leaps in quality and increased efficiency!