3 years ago

For SBB Infrastructure the situation at the access points to the platforms is crucial for the safety. Not only for the passengers but also for the entire railway station. In an analysis, they found that they were missing credible data for dimensioning and evaluating the safety principles. To fill the gap, they decided to examine the passenger flows on and around the platforms. 

SBB relies on ASE’s cutting-edge tracking system. It establishes a significant data basis, enabling the specialists of the SBB to review existing figures. Thereby, new interrelations and insights within the following areas are gained: 

  • Pedestrian flows at access points
  • Motion patterns at the platforms
  • Trajectories (speed and direction)
  • Densities
  • Crossing of the safety line
  • Duration of stay
  • State of congestion
  • Situation on the platform 

As an additional benefit, the collected data can act as a basis for further important calculations according to future specific needs.